King George International College (KGIC-English)


King George International College (KGIC-English)

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Why Choose KGIC?
Flexible level structure (seven levels)
English curriculum created by our in-house development team
Academically oriented school with monthly student progress reports, a firm attendance policy and a strictly enforced English-only rule
All levels and ages accepted, 6 +
Weekly intakes all year round
Scholarship and reward opportunities
University Pathway program and university placement assistance
Family study options: both parents and children can study together at our Surrey-Vancouver Metro location
A variety of engaging activities are offered throughout the month, allowing students to explore this beautiful country while practicing English and making new friends.
Easy Program Transfers
From ESL to many programs at KGIC and our sister school King George International Business College-Canada TESOL Centre
From ESL to EPE and university placement assistance
From ESL to public and private high schools