Applying for Visa

UK & USA Visa

If you are a full-time international student studying in UK, you will normally have a Tier 4 Visa. To apply for a Tier 4 Visa, the University (your sponsor) will generate a CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Studies) number for you. Although CAS Numbers are issued up to six months in advance, the earliest you can apply for your visa is three months prior to the start of the course. You have to satisfy academic and immigration rules criteria before a university can give you a CAS number. There are also a number of limitations and requirements set by the UKBA; which you have to bear in mind as a Tier 4 student.

Our Visa Department helps students throughout the whole Visa application process; including filling the applications, booking appointments, and checking all the required documents to make sure everything is perfect. We help also with the other types of Visa; General Visitor, Family Visitor, Special Visitor, Child Visitor, and others.


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