Travel, Accommodation and Work

We assist you overseas


At Bridge International, our goal is to make the admission and enrollment process as seamless and easy as possible for our students. We assist with travel arrangements by booking and finalizing student flights through our office to ensure the utmost convenience. By arranging  a “Meet and Greet” team with our universities, students will be assured upon their arrival. Students will be picked up and safely taken directly to their campus without any concerns regarding their means of transportation to their accommodation.


Once obtaining the visa, students will be offered  various accommodation options based a wide range of costs. Bridge International counselors will ensure that students are fully informed and have all the necessary information to make the right choice. We can book Home stay (living with a family), on-campus accommodation (single or double rooms), or even off-campus student accommodation.


There are many benefits of studying abroad such as work opportunities and internships. All international students are allowed to work part time jobs (20 hours per week). Students may work on campus in a range of positions such as in the library, cafeteria, international admissions team, tutoring etc. While some universities require internships as part of the program of study, students may also gain the advantage of gaining invaluable work experience that will boost their employability when they return to their home countries.