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The Commonwealth of Australia is a relatively young country, settled in 1788 and is the world’s largest island surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans.
It comprises of mainland Australia, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands. The national language is English (Arabic, Greek and Mandarin are also commonly spoken). It is a wealthy developed country with one of the world’s fastest emerging economies.
A country rich in culture and sports activities, it is truly a happy and cosmopolitan place to live with beautiful beaches and a vast uninhabited outback. Australians mainly live in the coastal cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. However, its capital, Canberra, is inland and nicknamed the “Bush Capital”. Historically, they are renowned for their determination, hard work, optimism and sense of adventure.

Australia offers great opportunities to the international student which include extensive educational and research programs whose qualifications are highly reputed, attracting a worldwide student base. It is ranked third in top study destinations for international students and consistently ranked within the world’s top ten most livable countries.
Due to its professional and practical study approach, Australian degrees offer an abundance of career opportunities for students. In addition, study and living options are affordable and lead to the added benefit of full work and residency opportunities contributing to a lifelong learning experience.

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