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Canada’s motto: “A mari usque ad mare”, means from sea to sea. It is surrounded by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans and bordered by the USA in the south. The official languages are English and French, the primary language of Quebec. Canada is a highly developed country and enjoys the tenth highest per capita income in the world. The capital city is Ottawa but the most populous is Toronto, followed by Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton which are reputed as world class cities to live, work and study.

Canada is a stable country with a global outlook that offers excellent healthcare to its diverse, progressive, and multicultural society.

Among the most educated countries in the world, Canada operates a first rate educational system that is highly respected worldwide, attracting over a quarter of a million students annually. It is the 8th most popular study destination worldwide. Due to its reputation as a tolerant and non-discriminatory place to live and study, Canada has seen at least 51% of international students applying for permanent residence and 37% continuing in further studies and research. Through the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWPP), international students are eligible to remain in Canada to gain invaluable work experience which will eventually allow them obtain permanent residence. Choosing to study in Canada is truly a life changing experience with unique opportunities.

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