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The United States of America, the US or USA for short, consists of 50 states. The District of Columbia or “Washington DC” is the capital and the location of the iconic Whitehouse and residence of the President. Historically, the concept of the “American Dream” has attracted people of all nationalities- the idea that with honest, hard work one can achieve their dreams and the impossible becomes possible.

A dynamic and excitingly diverse country it is a thriving hub of education, arts, entertainment and culture, finance and capitalism. World renowned for its major cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, New York and Chicago, the US has everything from bustling metropolitan cities that never sleeps to beaches, mountains and forests for outdoor enthusiasts. Amongst the national sports are baseball, American football, basketball and soccer.

The USA is in the forefront of innovation in medical and environmental research, education and technology. It is the number one destination for students with just under a million international students currently studying and is host to the highest number of the most prestigious universities in the world.

For the first two years undergraduate students explore general education courses in various fields such as languages, history, the sciences and philosophy. Students proceed to “declare their major” once completing these pre-requisites and study upper level courses related to the major. Throughout their studies students benefit from internships, semester abroad opportunities, and state of the art campus facilities. 

Students at all levels of higher education are able to work for at least a year once completing their degree which proves a good opportunity to build on the knowledge and skills obtained through their studies.

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